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Assigned:  February 26, 2013   Due:  March 14, 2013

The Aztec Codex


The Aztecs recorded information about their culture and historical events using codices.  They were largely pictorial and were very colourful.  Pictographs were used to covey meaning, though after European contact some description was also added.  When picturing people, the Aztecs would have the faces in profile, while the body faced forward.  The Aztec codices were read in the same manner that we read our books, from left to right, top to bottom. 



The Aztecs used the codices to record information that they felt was very important. 


Your task is to create a codex that communicates how the Aztecs came to settle in their capital city of TenochtitlanConsider the following questions:

  • Did the Aztec’s spiritual beliefs influence their settlement location?  How?
  • What did the Aztecs value that influenced their choice of settlement location?
  • How do you think what the Aztecs valued influenced their worldview and how they could view people who would come to their land?


You may use a combination of words and images to share your findings on the Codex. 


Since this Codex will appear in a museum display about the lives of the Aztecs, you need to create a placard.  The placard will hang beside your Codex and explain the intricacies of the illustrations, as well as the Aztec worldview.




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And the winner is…


It is 1596 and the editor of Il Mondo, an Italian newspaper, has decided to run a feature comparing the influence of three city-states.  The editor has chosen to focus on Florence, Venice, and Genoa and told you to write an article that explains which city-state is the most powerful and use the experiences of all the city-states to support your assertion.


At first you struggle with how to approach this newspaper article, but then you create a plan that will make this task much simpler.  Your plan has the following steps:


  • Determine the criteria of what makes a city-state powerful


  • Compare the experiences of the three city-states based on the criteria you selected


  • Evaluate the effects of the experiences of the city-states


  • Draw a conclusion about which city-state was the most powerful


To make your newspaper article stronger, remember to include information about the experiences of all three city-states and explain why the city you chose is the most powerful. 

 Assigned:  December 6, 2012   Check In:  December 13, 2012  Due:  January 17, 2013

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Philosophers’ Café Task


Imagine this: great thinkers, statesmen, scientists and patrons of the Renaissance all in one room, discussing their ideas.  On Monday, December 17, 2012 this unbelievable event will occur.


In preparation for this great event, you will need to select a Renaissance figure and conduct research into who they really were.  As a historical persona, some questions you need to consider are:


  • Where was I born? Where did I die?
  • When was I born?
  • Where did I live?
  • What were my significant contributions to society?
  • What did I think about the world around me and society?
  • What was important to me?
  • What do I believe?
  • Who are my friends?
  • Who are my enemies?


Come prepared to participate in an active discussion, in character!

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It’s in the Art!


One of the ways that we are able to trace the development of humanism is through the changes in paintings from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.  Select two images, one from the Middle Ages and another from the Renaissance.  Compare these two images to answer the question: How did thinkers, such as artists, influence society in the development of a humanist worldview?


To effectively consider the influence of humanism, you need to:


  • Explain humanism
  • Compare the two works of art, explaining what caused the changes
  • Identify how thinkers influenced the development of humanism (consider how time, geographic location and society contributed to the work of these thinkers).


When you include the images with your assignment, it is important that you provide the link to where you copied the picture from.  

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Worldview Poster:     Assigned:  September 18, 2012   Check In:  September 25, 2012  Due:  October 2, 2012

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